Africa Guided Hunting was established after years of Stephan Potgieter sharing his pure bush passion with those that know him. Stephan boasts an impressive portfolio being a qualified dangerous game licensed Professional Hunter and years of experienced hunting Africa's danger game such as Hippo, Buffalo, Leopard and Elephant; not to mention the list of antelope.

Stephan started hunting in South Africa from the early age of 7 years old. It was a passion that never left him as he seized to let a hunting opportunity pass him by. After obtaining his Provincial Hunting colours every year consecutively since 2005, he went on to secure his National Hunting colours from 2012 and has never looked back on this yearly quest. With his competitive spirit, he has enjoyed being part of the South Africa Sport Hunting Champions for over 10 years.

Stephan is mostly out in the Limpopo and/or Mpumalanga Provinces, accompanying clients on hunts for dangerous game animals himself or with local hunters. Due to the relationships Stephan has established over the years, Africa Guided Hunting is often also used to back up professional hunters with their clients during the busy hunting season.

Stephan owns a construction company in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga where he resides on a farm with his wife and 2 kids.